The Dragon Dream Team, Ohio’s first all breast cancer survivor dragon boat team, is hosting this event. The Dragon Dream Team is a unique support group that gives a new face and meaning to breast cancer survivor. It is one of more than 170 such teams around the world. Dragon Dream Team members, women of all ages and backgrounds, from newly diagnosed to long time survivors, came together 12 years ago. That is when they discovered that a 2000 year old paddling sport and a pink dragon boat could be the key to finding wellness, fun and great, active life after breast cancer. Paddling is the fun part. Sharing a message of hope and encouragement is the important part.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will stay in the community and support all the activities of the Dragon Dream Team including Boatloads of Hope, an outreach program in hospitals and cancer centers throughout northeast Ohio. We are grateful for the generous business and community support our event has experienced in the past.

It is through Boatloads of Hope that we are able to offer encouragement and support to breast cancer survivors and their families during the treatment phase of their breast cancer journey. The Dragon Dream Team is presently delivering pashminas, bearing the Dragon Dream Team logo along with a very powerful message of hope, to survivors undergoing radiation or chemotherapy in area hospitals.